Kant Island – Kneiphof


Kneiphof (Lithuanian: Knypava; Polish: Knipawa) was a quarter of central Königsberg.

During the Middle Ages there were three towns that composed the city of Königsberg: Kneiphof, Altstadt and Löbenicht.

The town was located on a 10-hectare (25-acre) island of the same name in the Pregel River. Here were Königsberg Cathedral and the original campus of the University of Königsberg.

Founded within the state of the Teutonic Order, Kneiphof was the youngest of Königsberg’s three towns.

Kneiphof was devastated by the 1944 bombing of Königsberg in World War II by british avia.

After World War II Königsberg was renamed to Kaliningrad. Later the island began to be converted into a park with numerous sculptures and the Cathedral. Former Kneiphof is now known as Kant Island, in honor of the philosopher Immanuel Kant.

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